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Statins Linked to Fewer Deaths in Diabetics

statins linked to fewer deaths in diabetics

Data presented at the recent American Diabetes Association confirms that the use of statin agents in insulin dependent diabetics increases longevity with fewer cardiac events. The only down side was that the patients who did NOT take statins, were better able to control their blood sugars.

According to the lead author, U. Anyanwagu, a graduate student at the University of Nottingham in England, "the benefits of statins on cardiovascular outcomes outweigh the small adverse metabolic effects on glycemic control " More than 12,000 patients were retrospectively analyzed in relation to their statin use and ultimate outcomes. The absolute rate for a composite outcome which measures all cause mortality, was 20.7 for statin users and 30.9 for non-users in this population of insulin dependent diabetics.

Although statin use has already been found in mutliple studies to decrease death rates from cardiovascular causes in patients with elevated cholesterol levels, this study in a large group of insulin dependent diabetics showed similar results, irregardless of the patient's baseline cholesterol level. This is yet another convincing reason to start all patients with insulin dependent diabetes on any of the statin agents which have only minimal effects on their diabetes control.

Dr. Kalischer would be happy to discuss this study or other equally convincing studies in helping to keep his cardiovascular patients healthy with a cardiac risk profile that is as low as possible.

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